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TraviPro, a leading PPC advertising company, offers expert campaign management and tailored strategies to maximize ROI for businesses worldwide.

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The PPC - Pay Per Click is a type of internet marketing in which an advertiser each time pay a fee when their ads are been clicked. As a matter of fact, PPC is a way of increasing traffic to your website instead of earning from those who visits organically. Pay per click (PPC), is also familiarly known as Cost Per Click. It is a method of internet advertising that generates direct traffic towards various websites. Fundamentally, it's a system where advertisers pay the service providers a certain amount of money to promote their products or services in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or other platforms and pay when the advertisement is clicked. TraviPro is a premier pay per click advertising company known for its dedicated professionals and extensive industry experience. We are committed for delivering high ROI through constant monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords. We are mostly preferred by businesses around the world to manage their PPC campaigns. For us, it does not matter what your budget is and whether you have short term or long term goals, we just manage your campaign so that you get the maximum returns on investment.

Our Process

Set Plans and Goals

Initially, we thoroughly find out about your company and set a plan by analyzing your business goals. We follow a personalized approach and takes up a personal interest in your account and also care about your success.

Understand Your Targeted Audience

Our team determine the audience by identifying the individuals searching for your services and individuals who click on your pay-per-click ads. As the PPC audience is different from the website visitors you get from several marketing channels.

Keyword Strategy

We select the niche keyword which generates the most relevant traffic for low cost. Our keyword research strategy is unique and we depend on both PPC and natural search databases to provide best traffic to website.

Create PPC Landing Pages

A site contains several landing pages, one for each keyword grouping or even one per keyword. We are capable of sending traffic to specific landing pages of your site through PPC. For creating landing pages effectively, we thoroughly analyzes the keyword.

Setup Account

As a account setup for the PPC reflects the research of your customer and allows you to directly reach out to the individuals for your business. We set up your account on the Google AdWords or other PPC service you choose. During setup of account our team will install conversion tracking on your website to collect data for effectiveness of your campaign.

Monitoring and Management

We continuously monitors the campaign performance by paying close attention to click-through and conversion rates. After monitoring the performance thoroughly we manage each keyword group to maximize the success of your campaign,


We love speaking with our clients, so we send the detailed report of the campaign we have done to our clients and timely revise the campaign,

Why use TraviPro PPC services?

  • Google Adwords Certified Professionals
  • Work on all popular platforms like Display Ads, Products Listing, Video Ads, Image & Text Ads
  • Location, Days & Time Scheduling & Device wise bidding
  • Monitor Search Terms & avoid Negative Keywords to avoid useless clicks
  • Bing Advertising and Marketing

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